Tim’s Terry Air Inc.

We are your one stop shop for all your aviation needs. Whether you’re looking for maintenance, fuel, oil, parts or pilot supplies; we have what you’re looking for.


Terry Air was started in 1982 by Terry Stuart to provide aviation services to the Southern, Mid-Western and Central Ontario area. In 1999 the business was purchased by long-time employee and AME Glen Latour and renamed Glen’s Terry Air. Glen continued the tradition of quality aviation maintenance and services for 12 years.
In 2011 long-time friend Tim Anderson, a local M1 and M2 rated AME and multi IFR certified commercial pilot purchased the business and renamed it Tim’s Terry Air Inc.
Tim had spent the previous 10 years working throughout Canada and internationally on a wide variety of aircraft from 65hp Cubs to large airliners. Tim experience includes work at the North and South Pole, South America, Africa and Europe. It included stints with Kenn Borek Air and Buffalo Airways. With this experience and the experience of all the staff, Tim’s Terry Air strives to provide the highest quality of service to its customers.


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